“…having lived and worked all over the world this guy is familiar with a broad range of views.
A natural doer, he delivered 25 years of continuous, out-of-the-box, cultural pollination.
Involved in mentoring, consulting, publishing, visual communication and design.
Since the beginning, he has always stayed current, sapiently pushing boundaries.
Some of his works led the way, opening paths and setting new norms, in their context…” John Hepler, Social Psychology researcher.


Rokma is a designer and photographer of Italian, Irish and Slavic descent.
His tribal affiliations are the free board sports scenes (skaters, surfers, artists).
A weaver. He maintains a research-based practice, which is articulated through modes of conceptual art making and writing of criticism, memes and prose.
He is interested in the story people tell themselves, perception, imagination. Cultural decolonisation. Indigenous cultural landscapes. Tribal contemporaries. He lives mostly in South East Asia, NZ, AU…
Rokma has been working with Flash art, Tomas Saraceno, Kevin Thatcher, Koo Jeong A, Adria Sartore, Tony Raka, Jean Coteau, Irene Coteau to name a few…